André Bustanoby is a 27-year veteran visual effects artist who began his career in practical effects in the early 90’s when he joined MastersFX as an Animatronics Engineer. Late in 1990, he moved over to Boss Film Studios as a Design Engineer and worked on several projects like Alien 3, Batman Returns, Cliffhanger, Waterworld, Species and Multiplicity. In late 1995, he headed to Digital Domain and contributed Performance Capture work to The Island of Dr. Moreau, Michael Jackson's Ghosts, Nike's CG Andre Agassi and Titanic. Late in 2001, he began building a new digital division at Stan Winston Studio contributing work on such feature film projects as Terminator 3, Cat in the Hat, and Fantastic Four before migrating to Brain Zoo in 2005 where he supervised Visual Effects on such game projects as Lost Planet, Mercs2 and commercials Star Wars Lego and Destroy all Humans 3. Returning to MastersFX in 2008, Bustanoby contributed VFX and MakeupFX Design efforts to projects like True Blood, Fringe, Fallen Skies, Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Underworld 4. In 2016, Bustanoby joined Aaron Sims Creative as Visual Effects Supervisor. Projects to date include Stranger Things, Midnight Texas and The Mist. He looks forward to continuing to merge the tools and techniques of both the analog and digital mediums in service of good storytelling.