Gregor began at 18 years old, working in the field of makeup FX on films like "Nightmare on Elm St 2" and “Robocop", and worked closely with the legendary makeup FX giant Rick Baker on "Coming to America", Michael Jackson's “Moonwalker" and with actor Ron Perlman on TV’s "Beauty and the Beast." In 1992, Gregor tackled the world of video games, creating the physical models for the level boss characters in “Doom," "Doom 2" and "Doom 64." After the monumental sucsess of the “Doom” franchise, I spent the next few years creating physical models for game companies across the globe. And then? He saw Jurassic Park. From that moment on, I knew that CG and visual FX were my future. He went on to spend an impressive 21 years as Senior Creative Director at Janimation, overseeing production and even directing a varied slate of advertising, gaming and film projects.
After 21 amazing years at Janimation, I decided it was time to return to my roots of making monsters. I signed on as CG Supervisor for Aaron Sims Creative in October 2016 and am looking forward to what the future brings